Welcome to Chinese Christian House

Demonstrating God's love together in our homes and our lives. We use the term 'house' rather than 'fellowship' or 'church' to remind ourselves of our commitment to plant small household sized discipleship groups.

We are a Discipleship Group

We are not a building, we are a body of believers with Jesus the head. As we do not have dedicated buildings, CCH discipleship groups are planted with passion and less dependant on having to finance buildings or renting halls.

I'm not Chinese, can I join a CCH?

Yes! Whilst our discipleship meetings focus on Chinese culture and Mandarin language, we are ideally placed to welcome those wanting to learn Mandarin and experience the culture. Our prayer is that God calls you to mission in China!

I can't speak Chinese very well, will I hold the group back?

When you join a CCH discipleship group you are part of the group! Other disciples within the group (particularly native speakers) are responsible for ensuring your learning experience is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Prayer Request

Please pray for us as we develop this new mission.