Bournemouth Life

I am a serving member of Bournemouth International Church. I am not a professional writer nor a bible teacher. Hopefully I represent the majority of the serving church members, although I might slightly differ in that I am autistic. What I really want to do with my writings is expose a true walk as a Christian, warts and all. Some of my writings will no doubt expose some of my personal weaknesses as, like others, am not yet made perfect in Christ. I praise God for the many great writers, theologians and bible scholars out there and I will reference many of their works. More than anything I wanted a site that reflects the life of the average Christian. I want a site not written by preachers or pastors, but representative of broader ministry. Another important aspect is my autism and working out how God can use that to bless others with autism and to create an awareness of the condition that affects one in 88 people. Few people on the autistic spectrum have a voice. The voice that God has given me is to speak on behalf of those who don't have a voice.